Table of Contents


Introduction to this Special Issue of the South African Journal of Geomatics PDF
Serena Coetzee i


Multi-temporal Remote Sensing Land-cover Change Detection for Biodiversity Assessment in the Berg River Catchment PDF
Tristan Stuckenberg, Zahn Münch, Adriaan van Niekerk 189-205
A Comparison of Geographical Information Science Competency Requirements PDF
Heindrich du Plessis, Adriaan van Niekerk 206-217
Unemployment in South Africa: Building a Spatio-temporal Understanding PDF
Gina Weir-Smith, Fethi Ahmed 218-230
The Commercialisation of Public Data - How Does Participatory Data-mining Look on a Global Scale? PDF
Jiří Pánek 231-245
Sustainable Development: The Contribution from GISc Education in South Africa PDF
Serena Coetzee, Sanet Eksteen, Christopher Grundling 246-259
Application of the Land Administration Domain Model to the City of Johannesburg Land Information System PDF
Dinao Tjia, Serena Coetzee 260-279