Design and Implementation of a WEB-GIS for the management of road infrastructure in Zimbabwe

Aldridge Nyasha Mazhindu, Honest Madamombe


Road asset mapping has the potential of reducing costs in keeping all assets data, time consuming activities like retrieving asset attribute from large files, risks associated with losing all the data by using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). With the emergence of World Wide Web (WWW), GIS based has revolutionized to provide information to a lot of people. Web GIS based applications have gained popularity because of its low cost, ease of use and availability to large population. Through browsers, Web GIS based applications can display a map with useful information. The design and development of an interactive web GIS based digital road infrastructure management tool not only allow users to share content but also help in decision making. It makes use of open source GIS tools, PostgreSQL and PostGIS (to manage spatial and non-spatial data), Geoserver (to connect the database to the client mapping application) and Apache Tomcat (to build and deploy the application). The maps are published through Geoserver with their associated information using JavaScript libraries (Open Layers and Geoext). Further spatial analysis (attribute queries) can be done online. Results show that a web GIS can be developed to manage road asset infrastructure like road signs, bridges, animal grids, rest areas. Thus, development of the application will help decision makers as well as other users to utilize information for the benefits of the country

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