Development of GNSS software for Ghana Survey and Mapping Division

Charles Gameti, Afrifa Akwasi Acheampong, John Ayer


Processing of data from receivers forms the basis of the use of differential systems as a method of deriving the collected spatial data. All software packages developed for data processing whether open source or commercial give specific details in the processing reports generated because of the design for a general or specific purpose. The survey and mapping divisions in most jurisdictions have specifications for report formats submitted for all kinds of surveys, to avoid misunderstanding and conflicts in data reports. In this regard, “GNSS Ghana” Software (GGS), a GNSS standalone Windows-based application with a modern user-friendly interface was developed for geodetic applications such as, GNSS data post-processing of RINEX files as input GNSS data and generate reports using the 3, 7 and 10 transformation parameters, published by Ghana SMD to suit Ghana SMD reporting format including cadastral computations for submission, projection and datum transformation worldwide. The suite was tested on field measurements and existing coordinates, and from the results, the accuracy of GGS with 99% confidence level on the 21 geodetic control points in Ghana with the 7-transformation parameters for eastings was [0.1016ft. ± 0.9850 ft.], and for northing [0.0155 ft. ± 1.6104 ft.].

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