Geometric Accuracy of UAV-based Orthophoto

Olagoke Emmanuel Daramola


Attempt has been made in this research to investigate suitability of an unmanned aerial photograph from Trimble UX5 Aerial imaging solution for Map generation and compilation. Two important criteria are pivotal to geometric quality assessment of an aerial photograph; geometric accuracy and object-definition property. In remote sensing and photogrammetric operations, the geometric quality of the imagery basically depends on the relation between pixel size and the map scale, contrast information, atmosphere and the sun elevation, the printing technology, screen resolution and the visual acuity. The unmanned aircraft system(UAS) deliverables which are the orthophotoand the digital surface model show that UAS (Trimble UX5) can be used for compilation of large scale maps based onthe map accuracy analysis of the National standard for spatial data accuracy (NSSDA, 1998). The horizontal accuracy of 3.207m (RMSE:1.85m) and vertical accuracy of 0.884m (RMSE: 0.45m) were obtained which falls within the allowable misclosure, the object definition properties of the product were also observed and found to be suitable for cadastral map compilation.

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